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Banknotes from Albania Banknotes from Albania

ImgCodeCountryFace value YearConsPickPrice
AL2Albania5 franka ariND (1926)R++/BC2
AL3Albania20 franka ariND (1926)R++/BC3
AL7Albania20 franga - Italian Occupation in the 2nd World WarND (1939)MBC+7
AL32Albania1.000 leke1957S/FE32
AL40Albania1 leke1976S/FE40
AL41Albania3 leke1976S/FE41
AL42Albania5 leke1976S++/FE42
AL43Albania10 leke1976S/FE43
AL44Albania25 leke1976FE44
AL45AAlbania50 leke1976S/FE45.a
AL45CVAlbania50 leke (letters and serial numbers with serif)1976MBC+45.c ou .b
AL46Albania100 leke1976MBC46
AL55CAlbania100 leke1996S+/FE55.c
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