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Banknotes from Colombia Banknotes from Colombia

ImgCodeCountryFace value YearConsPickPrice
4632Colombia10 pesos oro1980FE407.g
CO409CGColombia20 pesos oro1977S+/FE409.c
CO413CGColombia2 pesos oro1977FE413.b
CO413DColombia2 pesos oro1977S/FE413.b
CO425BGColombia50 pesos oro1986S+/FE425.b
4635Colombia100 pesos oro1991FE426A
CO429BColombia200 pesos oro1984S++/FE429.b
CO438Colombia1.000 pesos1995FE438
CO452OColombia5.000 pesos2013S++/FE452.o
CO457UColombia2.000 pesos2014FE457.u
COF1ColombiaFantasy banknote of the 1st Numismatic Exposition - Cali - Colombia (stamped on Peru - 100 intis - 1987)1989FE-
CON2GColombia2.000 pesos2015S+/FEONew
CON5GColombia5.000 pesos2015 (2016)S+/FEONew
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