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Banknotes from Kuwait Banknotes from Kuwait

ImgCodeCountryFace value YearConsPickPrice
KW13DKKuwait1 dinarL. 1968 (1980-91)FE13.d
KW14BKuwait5 dinarsL. 1968 (1980-91)S/FE14.b
KW15AKuwait10 dinarsL. 1968 (1980-91)S/FE15.a
KW16BKuwait20 dinarsL. 1968 (1986-91)FE16.b
KW24Kuwait1/2 dinarL. 1968 (1994)FE24
KW24FKuwait1/2 dinarL. 1968 (1994-)FEO24.f
5231Kuwait1 dinar (polymer) - Commemorative banknote of the 2nd anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait - Issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait but without legal value1993FECS1
KW29Kuwait1/4 dinar (quarter dinar)ND (2014)FENew
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