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Banknotes from Myanmar (Burma) Banknotes from Myanmar (Burma)

ImgCodeCountryFace value YearConsPickPrice
MM16AZMyanmar (Burma)10 rupees (with water mark. Serial BA greater) - Japanese OccupationND (1942-44)SobSC16.a
4547Myanmar (Burma)10 rupees (without watermark and with lines of adornment) - Japanese OccupationND (1942-44)MBC/S16.b
MM16BKMyanmar (Burma)10 rupees (without water mark and with embellishment lines) - Japanese OccupationND (1942-44)SobSC16.b
4549Myanmar (Burma)1 kyatND (1965)S/FE52
MM56Myanmar (Burma)1 kyatND (1972)SobSC56
MM57Myanmar (Burma)5 kyatsND (1973)FEO57
MM58Myanmar (Burma)10 kyatsND (1973)FE58
MM59Myanmar (Burma)25 kyatsND (1972)FE59
MM62Myanmar (Burma)15 kyatsND (1986)S++/FE62
MM63Myanmar (Burma)35 kyatsND (1986)FE63
MM64Myanmar (Burma)45 kyatsND (1987)S+/FE64
MM66Myanmar (Burma)90 kyatsND (1987)FE66
MM67Myanmar (Burma)1 kyatND (1990)FE67
5453Myanmar (Burma)50 pyasND (1994)FE68
MM69Myanmar (Burma)1 kyatND (1996)S+/FE69
MM70BMyanmar (Burma)5 kyatsND (1997)FE70.b
MM71BMyanmar (Burma)10 kyatsND (1997)S++/FE71.b
MM72Myanmar (Burma)20 kyatsND (1994)S+/FE72
MM73BMyanmar (Burma)50 kyatsND (1997)FE73.b
MM74BMyanmar (Burma)100 kyatsND (1994)FE74.b
5455Myanmar (Burma)200 kyatsND (2004)FE78
MM79Myanmar (Burma)500 kyatsND (2004)S++/FEO79
5456Myanmar (Burma)1.000 kyatsND (2004)FE80
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