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Banknotes from Pakistan Banknotes from Pakistan

ImgCodeCountryFace value YearConsPickPrice
PK10BPakistan1 rupeeND (1973)S+/FE10.b
PK16Pakistan10 rupeesND (1957)BC/MBC16
PK21Pakistan10 rupeesND (1972-75)S+/FE21
PK24APakistan1 rupeeND (1975-81)FE24A
PK27DPakistan1 rupeeND (1983-)S/FE27.d
5547Pakistan1 rupeeND (1983-)FE27.h
PK27IPakistan1 rupeeND (1983-)S++/FE27.i
PK27JGPakistan1 rupeeND (1983-)S+/FE27.j
PK27NPakistan1 rupeeND (1983-)S++/FE27.n
PK37Pakistan2 rupeesND (1986-?)FE37
PK38Pakistan5 rupeesND (1986-)FE38
PK38APakistan5 rupees (one of the many banknotes issued by the Bank of Pakistan with punch holes)ND (1983-84)S++/FE38
PK38BPakistan5 rupeesND (1983-)S+/FE38
PK38OPakistan5 rupeesND (1983-84)S+/FE38
5550Pakistan10 rupees (this is one of many banknote templates issued by the State Bank of Pakistan with punch-type holes)ND (1983-84)FE39
PK44Pakistan5 rupees1997FE44
PK46Pakistan20 rupees2006S++/FE46
PK52Pakistan5 rupees2008S+/FE52
PK54NPakistan10 rupees2014S++/FE54.New
PK54PPakistan10 rupees2015FE54.New
PKR6Pakistan10 rupees - banknote for exclusive use on pilgrimage in Saudi ArabiaND (1978)S++/FER6
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