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Banknotes from Peru Banknotes from Peru

ImgCodeCountryFace value YearConsPickPrice
PE3Peru5 soles (Note: The figure of the woman sitting with the cupid on the left is exactly the same as that of the Brazilian banknote of 5 thousand reis - from 1869-74 (C 031) - and the border also has the same details. The printing unit is the same- ABNC)1879MBC3
PE79CPeru100 soles de oro1961MBC79.c
PE81VPeru5 soles de oro1958MBC+83
PE83Peru5 soles de oro1968S+/FE83
PE84Peru10 soles de oro1963Sob.84
PE99Peru5 soles de oro1974S+/FE99
PE99BPeru5 soles de oro1972FE99.b
5587Peru10 soles de oro1971FE100.b
PE100DZPeru10 soles de oro1973Sob.100.c
PE106UPeru10 soles de oro1975S+/FE106
PE108Peru100 soles de oro1975FE108
5589Peru1.000 soles de oro1975MBC111
PE112Peru10 soles de oro1976S++/FE112
5590Peru50 soles de oro1977FE113
PE117CPeru5.000 soles de oro1985FE117.c
PE118BGPeru1.000 soles de oro1979S+/FE118
PE122Peru1.000 soles de oro1981S++/FE122
PE125AGPeru500 soles de oro1982S+/FE125A
PE129Peru10 intis1987FE129
PE131APeru50 intis1986Sob.131.a
PE131BPeru50 intis1987FE131.b
PE133Peru100 intis1987FE133
PE134CPeru500 intis1987S++/FE134.c
PE136CGPeru1.000 intis1988FE136.b
PE137HPeru5.000 intis1988FE137
PE140Peru10.000 intis1988FE140
5592Peru50.000 intis1988FE142
5593Peru100.000 intis1989FE145
PE184QPeru50 nuevos soles2009MBC/S184
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