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Banknotes from Thailand Banknotes from Thailand

ImgCodeCountryFace value YearConsPickPrice
5944Thailand1 bahtND (1955)FE74.d
5945Thailand5 bahtND (1956)FE75.d
5946Thailand10 bahtND (1980-)FE87
TH8760Thailand10 bahtND (1980)S/FE87
TH87FThailand10 bahtND (1980-)S++/FE87
TH88Thailand20 bahtND (1980)FE88
TH8854Thailand20 bahtND (1981-84)Sob+88
TH89Thailand100 bahtND (1978)S+/FE89
TH98Thailand10 baht - 120th Anniversary of the Ministry of FinanceND (1995)S/FE98
5948Thailand50 baht (polymer)ND (1996)FE99
TH102Thailand50 baht (polymer)ND (1997)FE102
TH102AThailand50 baht (polymer)ND (1997-)FE102
TH109Thailand100 bahtND (2002)FE109
TH110Thailand20 bahtND (2002)FE110
5952Thailand100 baht - CommemorativeND (2004)FE111
THN20GThailand20 bahtND (2013)S+/FEONew
THN50Thailand50 bahtND (2004)FENew
THN500ZThailand500 bahtND (~2014)BC+/MBCNew
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